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• 3/19/2016

Let's talk banning

Hey all, a couple of nameless people have contacted me about becoming unblocked. For future reference, to wikiblock or chatblock must be approved throughout the entire admin team. (The only exception is when an admin is inactive, like EytukanStudios. Thank you!
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• 11/25/2015

Underage Individuals

One subject that has recently come into play on the Khan Academy WIki is the subject of underage individuals. 
User:Raumaankidwai, and User:Seonghyeon got banned for it, so I wanted to speak of how we feel at this wiki about this subject.
As far as I am concerned, babies can join this wiki. As long as they don't do something overly immature, I am fine with it. I am sure User:EytukanStudios is fine with it as well.
But, just so everyone knows, ages are still not to be discussed on this wiki. Mentioning ages can lead to a kick, or a 2-hour ban to a three day ban, depending on how you present it. Keep in mind the Wikia Terms of Service does mention this explicitly.
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• 10/23/2015


come on chat
ex dee
will delete aftah 5 ppl on at same time
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• 10/23/2015

New Wiki Rules

You all may want to check out the new wiki rules Eytukan made. They are really helpful, and hopefully we'll get some good stuff in here! Note that most members of this wiki can and will ban you for the specified times for their respective offenses.
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• 10/19/2015

Wanted Pages

Is there a page that needs creating?
Reply here and I will add them to Special:Wantedpages.
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• 10/18/2015

Content, Content, Content

Here at this wiki, although it is a chat wiki, we should have at least some content. Right now we are struggling along at 8 pages, 4 of which I can't even find.
What should we do?

Here I will add what other people think.
UsernameWhat should we doBlazeProgrammingMake a page for every active user on the Khan Academy Wiki/Kausers Wiki
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