Anthony Jacquez
Anthony Jacquez|Anthony Jacquez
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A user on the Khan Academy Wiki
Anthony (AJ) is a very frequent wiki user. He knows calculus, a strange and mystic form of math. He was a discussions and chat moderator on the Khan Academy wiki until they demoted him for inactivity. He is now a chat moderator on KAOS. He goes by the nickname Nyandoge.
Illuminati Emblem

Anthony's secret organization

Also, by Anthony, it is said that illuminati is always confirmed. They accuse him of being a member because he knows calculus. Calculus is a definite sign of the Illuminati. However, since the illuminati is democratic (Obama, Hillary and all of California are illuminati), AJ cannot be illuminati. Along side, Vanilla Dazzle, AJ is rooting for Donald Trump in the upcoming election. AJ's favorite calculus function is the derivative.