A wiki chat room raid is when the users from a chat room make a bunch of alts and one after the other over run the target chat room. When they all get into the target chat they begin to spam, curse (if it's against that chat room's rules as there are SOME chats that allow cursing), and just in general take over.
In mid-January, the Khan Academy wiki chat room AKA "green leaf" appeared to have been raided several times. However, as their Admin team was not present and makes chat moderators feel afraid to kick and ban users, the offending users actually took over until about 9:30pm Eastern time when, most likely, their parents made them go to bed. As of mid-February, it has not been found out for certain who or what chat room was behind the raid.

In mid-February, this author was in a chat room where they would say bits and pieces about raids, such as, "It's a raid! Wait no it's not" or "they raided us last fall." This author, suspecting they had been a victim of some chat room raid wanted to blog about it, or rather wiki about it. She asked questions in various chat rooms to find out more about them. They are bit of a mysterious thing to learn about. Obviously, "don't do it" but this author was more interested as a possible past or future victim of chat raids.

What To Do If You Get Raided

How to proceed if you are ever caught in a chat room raid. Anyone who is not able to ban or block should leave the chat room immediately. Those who can ban and block should stay and ban/block everyone remaining. Although, this is only recommended for every chat on the planet, but green leaf. Unfortunately, banning and kicking users for spamming and cursing in green leaf will cause the chat moderator to be kicked off the wiki.

Notable Raid Examples

In mid-November 2012, an unknown number of Anonymous members coordinated and carried out a raid against the live chat section of the customer support department at, trolling the site’s staff members with the phrase “do you even lift?” On November 13th, Redditor MisSigsFan submitted a post titled “/b/ enjoys body building (a lot of screencaps but it’s worth it)”[19] to the /r/4chan subreddit, which featured a screenshot compilation of 100 live chat logs[20] revealing humorous exchanges between the staff members and trolls.

Reference: Know-Your-Meme website: do you even lift?
Weird raid

Peaceful raid:

This here to the left was a very weird peaceful raid (maybe) of Community Central Wikia chat that took place on March 9th, 2016. Several users came in with the same avatar all at the same time. They talked like people from a weird hippie cult.