KAChatLang is now a thing! It is currently being coded in Python. Functionality:

  • Lots of Errors
    • Argument Errors
    • Syntax Errors
    • Social Errors
  • Esoteric control flow
    • Default control is at the current/next me "talk"
    • EOTL talks fin back to the immediate outer scope
    • NL talks make a new inner scope
  • Talks
    • Currently implemeneted: me, eytoucan, tariq, banana, blaze
    • In development: az
  • Calls
    • Only NL talks can call other talks
  • Tardis
    • Wave bye-bye to a talk with "\o" or "(tardis)"
    • Can make talks undefined
    • Can be used to shut down stdout

Things you can do:

  • eytoucan: print output
  • tariq: take input
  • blaze: infinite loop until break (which will be az)
  • banana: read from file

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