If you have any complaints about the rules and regulations stated in the list go here. If you also would like to add some rules please go here.

Regular Wikia Rules

  • No cheating for edits.
    • If you do this and get caught, you can get banned from editing from 1 day to 1 week.
  • No vandalism
    • This rule is a given. If you do this, you will get banned from 1 month to infinite.
  • No deleting articles for no reason.
    • This will get you banned for infinite.
  • No posting sexually explicit images of humans, dogs, cats, or any animal at all. Even of inanimate objects.
    • This will result in an infinite ban.
  • You must be above the age of 13 to be on this wikia.
    • If you release/say your age and it is under this age you will be banned until you turn the right age
  • Just don't give out personal information
    • Just don't do it.

Wikia Chat Rules

  • Don't use any bots.
    • If you use any, you get kicked from the chat and banned for a (unplanned) time.
    • If you have found a vulnerability please report it to Eytukan or Blaze on their message wall.
  • Please no Spamming the chat room
    • This may result in kick and or ban for an indefinite amount of time depending on how many times you have been spamming
  • Please no asking for bots unless it is in a PM
    • Users that own the bots, have the right not to give them to you.
      • If you continue to ask for bots after a user has told you he/she will not give it to you, you can be banned for max 2 days.
    • Users that receive bots, have the privilege of keeping them but have the responsibility of keeping them safe and not losing them.
    • If you lose a bot, then you may not ask for a new one.
    • Let's just say, bots aren't real in the chat :)
  • No harassing, cursing at, or talking bad about anyone in the chat room and/or the wikia page dedicated to them.
    • This can get you banned for at least 2 days from the chat and the wikia.
  • No asking for statuses
    • This will result in a kick if you repeat it too many times.
  • No asking to kick other users
    • If the user is disrupting the chat, leave it to the chat mods to take care of the problem.
  • No being rude or disruptive.
    • This can result in a kick or, if repeated, a ban for a maximum of infinite.

Sysop Rules

  • Although you have the ability to promote users go here to tell me any users you feel should be promoted.
  • All other rules apply to you. YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL! (Not meant to be taken personally)

Chat Mod Rules

  • You have to look after the chat. If you aren't on for a long time, you lose your status
    • A long time is like 2-3 months
  • If a user is misbehaving in chat and you don't ban them accordingly, you may lose your rights
  • If you spam or break any of the chat rules, you will lose your status.

Mod Rules

  • You must take down all offensive posts and anything that is bad I guess.

Rollback Rules

  • Just sit back and relax. You don't have to do much. Just revert edits that may be offensive or are vandalism.